September 11, 2010

Arrow Toolkit for CINEMA 4D

Arrow Toolkit for CINEMA 4D

Here is my new free model for CINEMA 4D i created for a project a while ago. I had to model alot of different arrows and created this parametric model to make this task as simple as possible. You can now download the Arrow Toolkit for free and get an easy way to generate arrow models in adjustable variations and align them automatically to any spline.

The Arrow Toolkit provides the following features:

  • Create an arrow along any spline
  • Adjust the banking of the arrow
  • Adjust the size
  • Adjust the size of the arrow head separately
  • Change the position of the head
  • Editable Mesh-Subdivision
  • Twist Arrowhead
  • Adjust percentage length along spline

Using the toolkit is easy! Just create a spline, merge the c4d file to your scene, select the tab 'User Data' and drag the spline into the 'Spline-Port'. Now you can alter the parameters for the arrow in 'User Data' as desired. To make the arrow look great i recommend to use a Bezier-Spline as path, set the intermediate points to 'Natural' and alter the number of points until the arrow looks smooth.

The Arrow Toolkit requires at least Cinema 4D Version 13 and is also compatible with R14. But you can download older files if you are still on R11 or R12. I welcome any feedback for the free Arrow Toolkit.

Download Arrow Toolkit for CINEMA 4D R13/R14